The Qrew

Come and join the Quilt Qrew. A cozy community of lovely people. You can find us on Twitter @quiltsonchain or come and hang out in our Discord. Everyone is welcome!

Poems from the Qrew

saviour quilt

by @dustadoom

the world felt a-tilt
as the cold filled my room
i needed a quilt
cuz i was destined to doom

or freeze, or die, or
something no good
as the snow rushed in
and it broke through the wood

“we’re not to survive”
i cried and i shivered
this night is too much
and my quilt undelivered

patches of cloth
i found in the chest
and needles for sewing
up all of the rest

i did it i made it
my quilt as my shield
as i sit by myself
i'm alive i'm healed

dreams of liminality

by @virtual

my breathing is modulated
unfelt steps onto the endless concrete
the only vulnerable point
rasps of air
hallucinations of home
warmth and cosiness
an escape from the melancholy city
the metal next to me brought me back to
the stark reality
water dripping out onto
the staircase and the singular flower
drooping in the weather
i carried on
trudging along the permanent path
piercing air hits my face
ghosts of myself
forever suburbs for a mile
nearly there
nearly finished
thoughts and dreams
of home and the inevitable
the door
opened the door
i stepped in
there was the quilt, ready
just as i had hoped
it had finished
the liminality is over
i get into the quilt
finally finished
satisfaction, happiness
the quilt
the cosiness and tranquility
and there i sleep
in a haunting dream


by @dujomaton

our fabric unites us
stitched end to end
for all to share
block by block
tucked away in a safe place
waiting for a cozy night