Quilts on-chain

A set of 4,000 cozy quilts, stitched completely on-chain and stored on the Ethereum network, forever. They're great to keep your other NFT's warm when it's cold outside.

All the Quilts are now with their new owners. You might be able to pick one up on the secondhand Quilt market if you're lucky!

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Quilts are stitched by the smart contract, and are made up of various patches and traits. They can be bought, traded, or gifted to loved ones.

Number of quilts?

Quilts typically have four sides, along with the patches, so we like the number four. There wouldn't be many to go around if we only released four quilts though! 4,000 felt like a good size for people to be able to grab one for themselves or a friend.

On chain?

Every quilt is an ERC-721 NFT. They contain the generated SVG artwork, and the metadata used to generate them. This data is then encoded and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. This means there's no IPFS links, and no metadata servers. Each minted quilt will be around as long as the Ethereum blockchain is, which is pretty amazing!


We think you should enjoy the quilts no matter what the traits are, however for the rarity snipers among you, there are traits stitched into the token that can be used for rankings.

Utility and roadmap?

You may be surprised, but there's currently no planned utility for quilts. There might be some fun things in the future, but nothing right now that we can promise to deliver. For the time being, snuggle up under the quilts!

If you have ideas however, please share them in the Discord, we'd love to hear them.